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Durability and Ecology.

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Stone Coating Series

Cerart & Decrea coating series exceeds normal exterior acrylic emulsions paint systems. Being the flagship premium product offered by Interdeco. Our innovative Ceramic Porcelain Chip Technology has outstanding performance in homogenous stone coating finish. With a proven track record spanning over 30 years, Interdeco stone coating has excellent product characteristic properties, such a s high Durability, UV protection, dirt pick up from the environment, with low volatile organic compound (VOC), while maintenance free in harsh weather conditions.

Interdeco prides itself with a natural stone like finish suitable for all types of projects.

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High Durability Top-Coat Series

Interdeco's performance driven WeatherBuster top-coats range from WB Fluorocarbon EX, WB Ceramic SiWB Matt, WB Carbobarrior.


While all products are pure acrylic systems; Interdeco's wide product variations and integrations are key to our technological advancement. Our Research and Development facility based in Kyoto, Japan, combined with our manufacturing facility in Dubai, United Arab Emirates ensures optimal product performance, with functional product properties which has excellent UV Protection, Dust Repellency, salt formation, Acid rain and dust build up etc.


Our team of R&D specialist are well experienced with various climatic conditions, from four seasons to tropical wet & dry, semi-arid & desert arid, Mediterranean, monsoon, Humid Tropical and Humid Oceanic Climate.


Owners & Developers effortless hassle and Maintenance free decorative and protective coatings.


Our water-based top-coat technology made for long durability and peace of mind.


Polymer Cement Surfacer Series

Interdeco's Nova Repairing Products are functional cementitious reinstatement mortar's and surfacers, providing excellent performance in repairing concrete substrates.


With a wide range of products such as Nova PD, Nova T1, Nova T20, Nova T20 L, Nova WP, Nova Bond, and Nova Tile Filler. Nova products offered by Interdeco have excellent adhesion properties,  water absorption and water permeability, it has a unique characteristic in providing a semi-elastic crack resistant finish. Our products have been tested to the highest International Standards, and are being used globally. Ready to use at site, with minimal mixing requirements.


Asbestos free product.

Anti-Carbonation System

Interdeco's WB Carbobarrior is suitable for all underground car parks spaces, and multi-level car above-ground. Anti-carbonation system coatings provide ultimate protection against the ingress of carbon dioxide, chloride penetration, whilst good permeability to water vapor diffusion.


Interdeco's eco-friendly, water-based, low voc, and high build formations are primary functions in car park structure where poor ventilation and circulation acid smoke rises attacking the structure. By protecting the building substrate with Interdeco's WB Carbobarrior technology, a (2) two-coat applications on the same day even in inclement weather conditions. They also incorporate an active in-film fungicide which inhibits the growth of mould, fungi and lichens and with elastomeric formulations, are able to cover static cracks and bridge dynamic cracks. Able to withstand extreme temperatures of -40°C to +90°C without deterioration, the coatings remain unaffected by exposure to direct sunlight, even in the most aggressive of climates. Our products have been tested by Tyler Woods laboratory in UK and certified.  Over 1 Million Square Meter project experience, and zero product failure on any car park ceiling and wall.


Heritage Texture Series

Basara Heritage line offers an unmatched elegant traditional middle eastern exterior high-built texture finish. Our texture product range is available in three types of textures such as  Basara S-Tex, Basara M-Tex, Basara L-tex. Our Basara heritage systems are all water-based products, with 100 % pure acrylic, which provides excellent protection to Middle Eastern Harsh climate and coastal environment where salt particles are present. Basara heritage offers a superior UV protection, defence against salt formation and carbon dioxide build up. It further extends its product performance in alkali resistance, and low VOC content.


Our product variations of flat non-porous, to deep sand and wavy textures, as well as porous texture finish are all part of tradition exterior coating in the region.  In addition to the its unique traditional decorative finish, Interdeco's top-coats such as WB Matt and WB Glaze overcoat for antique simulated finish. 


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Interdeco Office & Factory


Interdeco Inc.

5-3 Ohyanagi-Cho, Kamigamo,

Kita-Ku, Kyoto, Japan

Tel: +81-75-723-5850

Fax: +81-75-320-3501



United Arab Emirates:

Interdeco Paints Co. LLC.

PO Box 5389


United Arab Emirates


Tel: +971 (0)4 341 2948

Fax. +971 (0)4 341 2949


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